Lake Champlain is a marvelous fishery. A Chamber of Commerce brochure describes all the varieties of fish that inhabit our beautiful lake. One can be obtained by contacting them at their website:

Bass tounament fishermen will find that we have excellent facilities for their specific needs. Our property is very private, with the lake and a large stream on bordering two sides and cedar hedges hiding us from quiet neighbors and Route 9.  Boats may be parked still attached to trucks and plugged into house power to keep all batteries charged for your engine and fishing equipment demands.  A drive of less than 1/4 mile south takes you to the Peru NYS Boat Launch which is a beautiful facility with good trailer/truck parking available while you are out on the water. Then, it is a short boat ride to the Plattsburgh Boat Basin where most of the tournaments meet each morning. The car ride to the Basin is only about 12 minutes. 

The car ride to WalMart is also about 12 minutes for the tournaments which use WalMart as their central headquarters.  The Chamber of Commerce recommends that you obtain New York and Vermont State Fishing Licenses on-line prior to your arrival for the tournaments.